Kobe Black Mamba 2020 Fiesta Medal

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The Black Mamba 2020 Fiesta Medal is a tribute medal honoring Kobe’s alter ego, the black mamba.

Kobe had gone through a difficult time in his early career. By becoming “The Black Mamba” on the court allowed him to differentiate himself between his personal life and his court life. This medal symbolizes the snake watching out for and protecting Kobe.

Gold-plated and inlaid with black glitter, this snake glimmers even in black of night. Kobe’s jersey, #24, hangs, dangles, and moves giving animation to this medal—not that it needs attention, because this medal could hold it’s own against any Fiesta medal—as Kobe once exhibited on the court.


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*This digital illustration is the digital sample of the physical medal in production. Size, colors, dimensions, textures, clarity, and designs may slightly vary from the sample illustrated artwork to the final medal produced.

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