Comé Pink Cake Como Un Jefe

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San Antonio is known for its Panderias and fresh pan dulce. Every morning these bakeries churn out favorites like conchas, cuernos de azucar, tres leches, empanadas, and—pink cake?

Though almost every San Antonian has eaten this delightful San Antonio staple, nobody’s really sure what to call it in Spanish. The locals simply know it as pink cake.

Comé Pink Cake Como Un Jefe (Eat Pink Cake Like A Boss) is a Grand Calavera Signature Medal®. Using a white metal dye, embellished with pink glitter, and textured with a diamond pattern, this decadent pink cake Fiesta medal is made to proclaim that the wearer surely does… eat pink cake like a boss.


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*This digital illustration is the digital sample of the physical medal in production. Size, colors, dimensions, textures, clarity, and designs may slightly vary from the sample illustrated artwork to the final medal produced.

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